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Lasse Bormann Bannergaard (born 1986 in Køge) is a Danish producer, bedder known as Banner / Banner Beats.
He started his musical career as a rapper / songwriter in the group PSY in 2002. Thereafter, Banner began to arrange hip hop concerts and created in collaboration with a lot of committed people the event Gotjamn, where he worked as a booker / organizer and later as web admin on the website (Denmark's formerly largest online social hip hop collective)
Along with a lot of concerts he was given a permanent place in hip hop collective LMS with Mr.Abs, nota bene, Mathias Skywalker, Amol, Davie Buck, Dj 12Thomas and Dj 30th
In 2005 Banner began to produce beats and found himself suddenly in the right frame. There from he spent some years learning his new craft and hone his techniques, alongside that he wrote a lot of rap´s and played concerts across the country.
In 2009 he started a collaboration with the rapper LARSN and investor Torben Hansen and started the label GotMusic. After 2 years of cooperation, the investor got seriously ill and had to bail from the project again.
In 2011 GotMusic got together with some good friends from Camp46  and merged their businesses to a recording studio named GotMusic Recording Studio. where Banner workes with all the artists and all of the artistic projects.
In 2014 GotMusic opened a B-studio whose main purpose is to be a musical playground. It is here Banner now spends most of his time producing music.