All prices on this page are included . VAT , all the other nonsense with sudden price premiums , etc. , is not for me . For prices on a special composite package I can be contacted by email.
Banner Beats offers in cooperation with GotMusic Recording studio a variety of great offers.

In Gotmusic , we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to make a professional product that is affordable .

To get a professional product , the foundation must be of high quality .
In Gotmusic Recording studio all recordings of the vocals is done on the legendary Telefunken AK -47 Multi - pattern Condenser Microphone and lead the raw signal through a class A Avalon VT - 737SP optical tube compressor providing vocals the delicious " butter vocals " which often sought after .
All mix & master is made ​​with Waves Ultimate bundle on MacPro Quad Core / 16GBDDR3RAM
Studio session:____________________________200 kr pr time 
Mix:________________________________________900 kr ( max 24 tracks)
Mix:_______________________________________1400 kr ( max 48 tracks )
Mix:_______________________________________1800 kr ( max 96 tracks )
Master:____________________________________600 kr

Pr Mix & Master:_________________________1200 kr ( max 24 tracks )

Pr Mix & Master:_________________________1700 kr ( max 48 tracks )

Pr Mix & Master:_________________________2000 kr ( max 96 tracks )



Instrumental:______________________________800kr pr stk
Costum instrumental:____________________1000kr pr stk
EP Package:_______________________________3200kr ( 5 instrumentaler )
Jingle/RadioSpot_________________________Please mail me

Package solution

Single package:
Instrumental, Studio session ( 4 hours ), mix & master:

EP Package:
5 x Instrumentals, 5x Studio sessions ( 4 hours ), 5 x mix & master:


What is metadata ? Well, the metadata is the data below an audio file when you play a track on your computer, it´s the metadata that ensures that the title appears in the player.
More important is ISRC codes.
What is the ISRC ? Well, the ISRC code is also stored in the metadata. An ISRC code is a form of digital barcode that is detected when your tracks is played on the radio, TV, or nightclubs. in fact anywhere your work is played in public. and therefore it is important to have embedet metadata to all tracks before they are packed as a DDL file.
But what is a DDL file ? Well, the DDL file is a file with all the mastered tracks and metadata packed  in a "master suite" , You can choose either to send a master CD   for distribution or DDL file over your network. (By far the easiest solution )
Embed of metadata + DDL package:______________25kr pr track